About Accord

Accord Australasia Limited is the national industry association for the Australasian hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products industry.


Accord represents the full range of formulated products from luxury cosmetics and fragrances to industrial specialities.

We are active in Australia and New Zealand and have strong affiliations with sister industry associations in the USA, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Membership has grown more than forty percent since 2005 and currently stands at just under 100 companies. Click here for a list of Accord members and website links.  

Our valued Associate Members are companies who provide specific services and expertise for our industry.

Click here for a summary of the many benefits of Accord membership.

Our philosophy and approach             

Accord is an inclusive, consensus-driven organisation. We represent the interests of the entire industry and pursue common, uniting objectives that have maximum benefits for all industry members. This includes both large multinational firms and smaller Australian-owned enterprises as well as both local manufacturers and product importers.

We support and promote non-discriminatory government policies within Australia which create a level playing field essential for fair competition between all of our industry sector's businesses.

In keeping with the strong scientific basis of our industry, we also adopt a principled, evidence-based approach to our policy inputs and representation with governments.

Accord's overall approach is best summarised in our Strategic Goals (click on each Goal for more information).

  • GOAL 1 - Member Services: An engaged membership with effective communication, networking and feedback mechanisms
  • GOAL 2 - Regulation & Regulatory Reform: A sustainable business operation environment that has minimum effective regulation, reducing the compliance burden on industry
  • GOAL 3 - Social Contribution & Environmental Sustainability: A responsible industry actively playing its part to meet social, health & environmental challenges of importance to the overall wellbeing of the community
  • GOAL 4 - Public Affairs: A positive profile & image for the industry with key influencers and a high level of consumer confidence in industry products
  • GOAL 5 - Commercial Affairs: A strong industry committed to quality, supporting fair competition & ethical business practices and contributing to national prosperity

Our management team

Accord is managed by a small and dynamic team of business professionals with a wealth of experience in industry, government and non-government organisations. Click here for profiles of the Accord team.

Accord executive committees

Member companies are involved in direction and goal-setting for Accord via representation on the Board of Directors and sector-specific Executive Committees:

  • The Board of Directors - oversees governance and strategic direction for Accord.
  • The CTFA Executive Committee - provides leadership on projects and priorities relating to the consumer, cosmetic and personal care sector.
  • The I&I Executive Committee - provides leadership on projects and priorities relating to the industrial and institutional sector.
Representatives on these bodies meet regularly throughout the year, dedicating their valuable time to assist with the sound running of Accord.
Click on the links above for current representation on these important committees.


The association has a long history. It was formed in 1975 as the Australian Chemical Specialty Manufacturers Association (ACSMA). The association changed its name to the Australian Consumer Specialty Products Association (ACSPA) in 2001.

In April 2005, the association's name was again changed to ACCORD Australasia - Advocate for the Consumer, Cosmetic, Hygiene & Speciality Products Industry, to better reflect the breadth of our expanding membership.

Following the decision in November 2005 by members of the Cosmetic, Toiletries & Fragrance Association of Australia (CTFAA) to voluntarily wind-up their association, Accord became the united voice of the Australasian formulated products industry.

In 2011, Accord's brand descriptor was changed to "hygiene, cosmetic & specialty products industry" to help condense and clarify the Association's scope.

Contact us

Accord Australasia Limited (ACN 117 659 168 ABN 83 205 141 267)

Postal address:
PO Box 290

Street Address:
Fusion Building, Suite C4.02
22-36 Mountain Street
ULTIMO  Sydney  NSW  2007

Telephone:  61 2 9281 2322 
Facsimile:  61 2 9281 0366